June 13, 2016

100 Day Challenge

Better Out Than In recognises the importance of physical activity to respiratory health, and thus it was only fitting that our first fundraiser challenged people to use their lungs with an exercise challenge for 100 days.

As Emily describes in her story, exercise is key to managing chronic respiratory conditions, however research is needed;

“Reaping the benefits of regular physical activity to my respiratory health (including improved lung function, fewer infections, and fewer hospital stays), I am motivated to make exercise a part of my everyday life. While I do my best to keep well, I get frustrated with how easily I can become unwell. If I could wish for one medical breakthrough, it would be for a treatment that would eradicate colonised bugs (e.g. pseudomonas)”

Funds raised from Better Out Than In’s 100 Day Challenge went to The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation to conduct much needed research. The overall aim of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ’s research programme is to build knowledge so that effective action can be taken to improve respiratory health.

“We need research to tell us about respiratory disease, who has it, what causes it and what actions would most help to lessen its impact.  We need information to tell us what interventions are likely to make the most difference, and without research we are just guessing in the dark,” says research and projects manager, Kathy Lys.

The research programme focuses on implementing the goals of Te Hā Ora: National Respiratory Strategy. Read more here.

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