August 16, 2016

Juliet Hubbard


Juliet (Julz), is 31 and lives with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is a rare hereditary condition that affects the lungs and pancreas. CF causes thick mucus to build up and block the lungs’ airways, causing lung infections, persistent coughing, and shortness of breath (living with CF has been compared to breathing through a straw!). CF also affects the pancreas, where it does not release  the enzymes that are needed to break down foods. Instead, a lot of people wth CF have to take enzyme tablets to help digest food. Click here to learn more about CF.

Julz is in and out of hospital a lot having IV antibiotics, physiotherapy and rest! Unfortunately hospital admissions have become more regular for her over the past two years, and every day activities have become tough (especially in winter!).

Her lungs function at only 32% capacity. She has to keep active to help her lungs to function as much as possible, which she describes as a challenge when each day you wake up low on energy and feeling poorly from infection. Still, pole dancing is a favourite activity of hers to keep active! Julz also spends a lot of her time creating wooden names and artworks for her Facebook page, Julz Art.

“People with CF use a lot of their energy trying to breathe so you can imagine there’s not a lot left for much else. But

If it weren’t for CF, Julz doesn’t think she would be who she is today, and says it really makes you appreciate all the little things in life!

“Each day is a gift to myself and many others living with CF, and you know not to take anything for granted”

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