Emotional impact of respiratory conditions

This moving spoken word piece about the emotional impact of living with a chronic respiratory condition summarises my motivation to set up Better Out Than In, and to fundraise for the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ‘s research programme.

As if the physical impacts of respiratory conditions weren’t enough, the emotional impacts can be heavy and take various forms you might not expect – for me and others I’ve spoken with, that includes fighting a silent battle and being too scared to admit you’re sick; knocking your confidence and feeling no one will understand if you even tried to explain; putting strain on relationships with loved ones, especially when you finally have to give in and ask for help; not ‘looking sick’ so it looks like you’re faking it when you have to pull out of something last minute; and last, losing young friends to cruel conditions they have little control over.

Yet, like Morgan, there are things I’m grateful for for having a respiratory condition. Without kartageners, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Each and every person I’ve met with a respiratory condition is inspiring, especially their ability to take notice of the little things, their determination, and strive to live a ‘normal’ life despite their challenges.

With research, we have a hope of improving the physical lives of people with respiratory conditions and, in turn, help to minimise the emotional impact.

In addition, to support both emotional and physical health, Better Out Than In will continue in its mission to empower and support people affected by respiratory conditions (including whānau).

Please donate to The 100 Day Challenge at http://tinyurl.com/BetterOutThanInFundraiser, and/or share this post to spread the word of our mission!

With love and gratitude,

Emily Arps x

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